Lilly Humulin N Insulin Case of 10 mL x 10 Vials

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Our Price: $879.04

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FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING Case OF Lilly Humulin-N insulin isophane, human biosynthetic (rDNA Origin) NPH.

Includes 10 x 10 mL vial. HI-310.

Insulin is shipped in bubble packaging with a cool pack to keep cool. Storage requirements for insulin do allow them to be outside of refrigerated temperatures for up to 4 weeks. We recommend that you select shipping with Signature Confirmation if you think your shipment will be left out in cold/hot temperature for an extended amount of time. Understand that you must be present to accept this shipment. However if you do choose standard or qualify for free shipping and the order is placed on a Wednesday through Friday, then we will reserve the right to hold the order till the beginning of the following week due to the heat sensitivity of this product.

We ship all insulin with ice packs as per the manufacturers guidelines. The medicine will remain cool for the majority of the shipping time however the last few days the product will likely reach room temperature. Once you receive the insulin, immediately restore it to the fridge and use prior to the expiration date.

Insulin may remain outside of the fridge for up to 30 days.

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