Airport Scanners and Insulin Pumps


Insulin pumps offer a lot of advantages to simplify diabetes management.  Many Americans with diabetes have started to use insulin pumps to keep blood glucose levels within target ranges during both the day and night.

This approach adjusts your insulin to your lifestyle, rather than having to adjust your entire lifestyle to your insulin shots.

But your expensive peice of CGM equiment can be damaged by X-Ray machines if you travel.  The next time you go through an airport, remember that your insulin pump can be damaged if it is put through the scanner.  This is because the insulin pump has a motor built in that runs the pump for your automatic injections.  This motor is what can be affected by outside electromagnetic fields!

With hundreds of thousands of Americans using insulin pump therapy, this is increasingly more important information for people to be aware of.

You can either get a letter from your GP or contact TSA directly to fill out the notification card to avoid having your machine get passed through the scanner!

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